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Monday, July 26, 2010

forever union with baby son, God of Universe.

yesterday is the day i treated baby son, warrenzh, owner of domain warozhu.com, second since my returned from hometown journey. i also bought myself a new pair of shoes i like from Fu-Mart. in my life i rarely bought myself clothes. before adulthood, clothes arranged by mother; early years after i worked from graduation, i put quite some of my deposit for kid brother's education, for my grand dad then dislike to hard labor work on stone product; in early years after married, the mother-in-law offered quite some old clothes of her second husband, a cadre just bankrupt his work unit. i in fact quite enjoy put on myself in my own taste or fashion. in the conjoined KFC, baby enjoyed KFC food as usual. i can be more glad to see he eating. his mom, emakingir, disliked cooking in her life so far, and baby son had to endure tasteless food, and grows a habit disliking routine meals, but snacks.
returned from shopping&snacking, i slept in dorm in afternoon sunshine. after woke up, i noticed a group of hooligans, about 8 men or more, lingered in the open space of the dorms babbling&poking&gambling for most of the day. they want to expand their influence over the graduates in the dorms. when i dial to report the high rank of QRRS on the unlawful&wrong management of the dorms' administration, the gangsters scattered. after dinner in the canteen, i rest on the bench again. soon an elder with a small bag approached me and asked where is the dorm. i told him but felt strange. then my cellphone reminds me time to join the preach in nearby church. the Priest elaborated a lot on Satan, let a demon aside me groan. after the preach i discussed it with the Priest, i told him i more glad to hear of faith and love from Bible. in dorm i slept as usual around 9pm, but visited a guy in the dorm who playing online shooting game. i was likely caught in nightmare, dreamed live with a foreigner, then in campus or office i can't move or stand up. i felt the evil of the old man in dusk in the dorm attempting to talk with me. then a sudden thunderstorm woke me up. its strong and speedy, i watched it a sight then slept again. i breakfast when i still pale in morning night, but it turns brilliant now since i joined office.
God, its my first time reunited with baby son, Hope of China, God of Universe, warrenzh, since u admits me pursue my new marriage from my second hometown journey and a short period lingering in his mom's house to attend him. God, let me sooner rest in my new home with my beloved girls, to carter baby son in best harmony and peace in soul. God, i trust u, bring my girls to my arms, we all in our best time now and to come.


visit baby son in his mom's home.^visit baby son as scheduled. backup new stuff, mostly pc games,from web to dvds. reviewed finance log with baby's mom,emakingir, who found some faults but finally likes the site,buxfer.com&started to make use of it. prepared new games on notebook for baby. lunched there but daunted by dinner which too simple. showered&made a contract with ema to pay her to wash my clothes every week.
enjoy talk with baby on air.^dined in dorms' canteen, with some shrimps. sorted infected os. buzzed baby twice for the elation of God's glory among us. slept later than 10pm&didn't brush teeth.


amend finance records.^read all day. dozed twice. d/l delayed me&left office near 6pm. dinner again not so satisfying. bought&ate watermelon after roamed outside. met the only Hubeier in QRRS near dorm's door. he talking on his cell, so i just evade him&enter my room. the first day i returned to dorm he called in for loan. during jog my shoes wrecked. buzzed baby's mom about the effect&surplus after i verified personal finance log on buxfer.com.
dreamed in love.^dreamed with my beloved girl, &brothers or pals, in a tour. we tried to attach fireworks onto balls in motion. a bit sleepy after got up. lingered&breakfast then join office, where the porter shown hostile yesterday when i arrived a bot earlier. its a quite bright morning.
check family google sites.^assess family assets, esp. that with google, like sites&blogspot. some broken linkages need actions but hold on. baby's mom, emakingir, let me query departmental clerk for reimbursement accord to corporate policy, i was told the clerk glad to let baby's grandma to fetch it like she previously did. hopeful i can do some replacement of worn shoes or clothing with the money. i promised ema buying her a electronic motorcycle.
check my brand online.^read&d/l all day. the facing demons tentatively/elicit shown gay tendency, one of them left lately. google my id&researched why my name appears in a joke site, pjoke.com, but can't find who input my name there with a praying heart. China surveillance also frequently blocked my googling amid. God, bring my girls to me sooner!

benzrad's comments on the day

World need see clear the impotent of nowadays China.

thx the author insightful review on technology in nowadays China, quite shocking but just assures my guess on the real source or potential of Chinese technology today.
China will never update itself under current social-political architecture, i can assert with any risk, for the ruling philosophy is hatred, rubbery, coward, dumping of Chinese traditional core ethic, like any long life society, honesty and diligence.
China in communism totally a miracle and disaster, like a cheat from its long time enemy, Russia, to bail out Chinese real treasure for sold cheap. Communism China is a dumping of torture, dark, stealth, and pouring out of dirt among eastern and western. its a death and abnormal.
China, in its best blessed, in title of Zhu, the last Emperor of last native nationality, steers into new Empire under God’s shrine&shine, for the glory of YHWH. a merging reality for most Chinese grows everyday on this scary land since its fall in Ming Dynasty, i vow i, benzrad, 朱子卓, my Royal of China, leading it.

Amplifyd from www.dapenti.com


xilei 发布于 2010-7-23 10:46:00






Read more at www.dapenti.com


the dorms' canteen turns worse.^d/l delayed me near an hour. the canteen again used bad food&hurt my teeth. rested on bench then haunted outside. drizzled some minutes when i passed by the place i met the QRRS high rank yesterday. bought sausage&ate in dorms open space. buzzed baby who unhappy with his mom&expressed my love. washed shirt manually for the dorms' laundry bankrupted. in music&felt fit.


dubious gawker around glory of Son.^read while d/l. dined almost on time. rest on the bench again. quite some dubious persons lingered around. the thunderstorm let many streets, including some in QRRS dorm covered with water. haunted outside then roamed in the open space of QRRS dorm. a cop surveillance me when i watched a collective dance. buzzed baby&slept before 10pm.
dreamed of my inauguration in dawn.^got up to make water among sound sleep. dreamed of my inauguration as Emperor of China. but my beloved girls seemingly didn't appear, but my sisters and some of my relatives join the ceremony. breakfast with porridge and buns. last night in jog met the high rank in QRRS, a Zhou, who also jogging with his wife. that reminds me life's passing and years biting&beating most people witness my growth, glory of God's way. its a sunny morning now.
read most day while d/l.^a busy day digesting news feeds. i felt so glad to see the dawn&online in the beginning of the day. listening online radio, which starts with a Japanese song, at noon break. the wrecked soul in facing desk at once interfered like a barking dog for lower volume. all afternoon enjoyed reading even among bites from the devil. God, im thankful for the day&what i done in it.

From 1st gathering after settled in QRRS dorms
From 1st gathering after settled in QRRS dorms
From 1st gathering after settled in QRRS dorms
From 1st gathering after settled in QRRS dorms

for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

early moon in dusk over QRRS.

baby son, warrenzh, 朱楚甲, with his favorite KFC steamed corn stick.

most beloved Son, benzrad&warrenzh, 朱子卓和朱楚甲, 深情的神情。

Posted via email from zhuson, united US and China in one under God's shine. ╋中美一家神

Monday, July 19, 2010

a boarder again, for the purity&sanity of my Royal of China.

returned to dorm of QRRS, my once long time employer, after baby was brought by his mom, emakingir to hospital for frequent heat, after sleepy morning on Jul 17th, lunar Jun 6th. God informs me baby don't need my struggle with his mom now for custody or better family education, but let it go in God's shine, and a due time period ahead when i will live with baby son closely without any dispute, in a much more affirmative environment. i launched to prepare a funny game on the notebook accompany him baby son asked last night, then left. baggage already prepared yesterday, likely by ema or her mother, likely just reminds me time to leave them alone. i had told ema that my heart never linger in her house a second, but my girls' ahead, back to a weeks ago when there is only us two in her house. baby attracted by those pc games i prepared for him, but soon he shown larger anticipations, or reserved time-space for larger events in the mission against the sins in nowadays China as well as the world as God, Father, sets. so its time for us each to concentrate our will power for the commence of new era, for the sunray of enlightenment, for the never seen glory of God's way.
i never felt enough for the moment gaming with baby son on pc, the moment we gathered. but best way to raise us against the sin and dirt from his mom's family, including ema herself, is to avoid it sooner. that's God's message in last night preach from a local church i visited after months apart for some sinful members' hostile against me there. God, protects me against all impotent seduce, let me in unshiftable faith in God, my dad&son, in trinity. i picked the package almost intact from my hometown journey, returned to QRRS' dorm by bus. in the weekends, i slept a lot, otherwise in deeper sorrow for my missing girls. i sat on the bench in the garden of the dorms' area, my sadness called clouds rich with raindrops. i sensed the weight of my sadness, which attracted quite some hostile among the community, but i knew more bliss ahead that my beloved girls can touch. God, i never missing ur blessing surrounding my girls, my Royal of China, that changes my vested land as well as other parts of the world far and long-reaching.
its again a Monday for which i put on my hope in the timeless lonely and sleepless sleeps. i know nothing in the world still nor lifeless, i know the eyes and pray among my girls. i need u, too, my best beloved. i need ur life, ur house so eager, that i see through the fragile blockage between us or the dark and our sovereign. i know God, and his promise upon my respectable ancestor, Emperor of Ming Dynasty, lasts today, the rich of my Royal, the harmony of peace and soul. i know u, a u and all u, there to pick me, or picked by me. i know party and timeless gathering prepared under the dome of glory of shrine&shine. i know that's definitely.
Bye, my dearest, this moment i also feeling sad. for some many time elapsed from our first impression. dearest, u know time to ignite it and last it forever. join me, just us, for the step for new kingdom and millennium is closer and fresher.


enjoy weekends after first work week in office.^update my albums on hexun&chinamobile's community. managed my family brand through search engines. it rains now outside. hope baby's growth shiny&harmony. left office till 6pm after d/l finished. sorted stuff from web&backup. baby's heat deceased but still weak, just gamed awhile with me on notebook while i enjoy the shooting game very much. slept earlier. this morning is sunny. baby watching animation.


left office near 6pm after d/l finished. gamed awhile with baby on notebook then he got heat again. his mom, emakingir, had him medicines. slept earlier. mistakenly regard today as Saturday. let d/l then dozed again. after baby&his mom remind my err, ema was called to join her school, let me cared baby awhile. soon the grandma arrived. God let me stay&played pc game with baby till his mom, emakingir returned&fetched him to hospital. i join office. the sinful grandma still cleaning house in her dirty daughter's house. the game attracted me a lot. baby wanted to try another old game.
drizzled at noon.^read in the morning. it turns dark&drizzled at noon. i enjoy fast food in office as usual. claimed company profile, zhuson.com with linkedin. glad to see weekend tomorrow, even baby's mom, emakingir urged me to leave her house several times recently. i also hardly bear her stupidity, esp that on baby's custody.


felt sins in baby's mom, emakingir on way to office.^last night left office near 6pm. gamed with baby on pc in night. ema brought baby showered, but she did firt while let play aside. this morning baby release a plenty urine. baby was sent to kindergarten. i was sleeping when ema brought her kids students returned. on way to office, felt the screaming sins in ema's heart. no matter how i treat her generously, she reckon a way to profit and profane. hatred ate my heart when i review baby and my situation. but after all, faith in God saves and improves we both intouchable above the sinful family of baby's mom's. sorted stuff first in office. browser, chrome, works faultlessly.
read most day.^read most feeds awaiting. dozed awhile in beginning of afternoon while d/l. commented a lot. collected some new science blogs' feeds. watched outside in rush time of QRRS but no clue where is my girl zhou once appeared as a QRRSer. praying for change sooner in China, as well as in my life, Royal of China.


tried to fix 2 windows.^since morning prepared clean os on a female colleague's pc, then my own notebook. China surveillance likely close watching&result in quite some abnormal behaviors amid fixing. hope time cost heals. my chrome at least less crash now. God sees.

From life as it extends
From life as it extends
From life as it extends

for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

Benzrad, me, now again live in QRRS dorm.

another sky likely rains cats&dogs, but peace enjoy here in QRRS dorms.

life rolling, new or old? but at least heart praying is bleeding every moment for timeless love.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

new peace in praying, praying for my new marriage.

the journey from my hometown, Zhudajiu, to Qiqihar, where baby son, warrenzh, lives with his mom, emakingir, cost me 3 days. ticket was bought by the sinful nephew who hated me for a long time against the glory my family shines. i had to accept the slowest train. its my first time seeing the new train station of Wuchang, one section of Wuhan. the waiting hall quite jammed, but i met a woman foreigner&exchanged some words. on the train i chatted with quite some interesting people, including some kids from Hunan Prov., a disgusting squad from Xiaogan, Hubei Prov., a cute kid girl from Hebei Prov., and a wine vendor who migrated from Qiqihar to Hebei for more than 10 years. near Harbin, 6 or 7 Muslim from Pakistani aboard, some of them play hide-and-seek with neighbor Chinese boys. i was touched by the kindness, so lately join them&discussed bible with them in English. with the holy shines over me, i caught in the last minute&aboard the train to Qiqihar from Harbin. a tall girl stood against the corridor greatly enchanted me, we gazed to each other for quite some time, and the holy bliss, with drizzle outside, enlightened most of the lounge. i followed the girl after we left the railway station, and told her my Chinese name before we departed. how i missing her, who should marry me now as my second Chinese wife. gathering with baby son was a saint moment. he refused to receive me when i knock out his mom's door. after i bathed in public bathroom he picked me and played with me. he beat me with his shoe for quite some time till his mom halted him. i lingered in his mom's house for a week, neither office nor public presence. baby still arranged by his mom to attending his kindergarten. we gamed on pc for quite some hours. i promised him if his mom don't drive me away, i will stay till seeing he sleep alone in his room, instead of sleep with his mom now in his room, and shower with me in public bathroom. i also make it clear to his mom, emakingir, that we r free of any obligation with each other. i told her i would like to live in dorm as soon as baby sleeps on his own, while at this stage she didn't grant baby sleeping apart from her.
baby son always has the best idea. last Saturday he suggested family haunting Lun river, which a half of hour bus from his mom's house. and i long time since return from my hometown journey suggested letting me treat baby son with his favorite restaurant. baby likes buffet as usual. ema arranged it around 2pm in Sunday. its really a bright tour, we babbled a lot on the bus, waved lots of bubbles in the river Lun, shot lots of wonderful photos in the river. and when ema felt hungry, baby narrowly agreed to leave, with the promise we will return there next week. in buffet i completed my dinner soon, while ema prolonged the pleasure as her best. the coffee really nice, arrest both of the adult in the family. God sees. now i first time enjoy surfing under my account since the tour back to Qiqihar. surely brighter the sky above me and my Royal of China.


God brings me back.^prepared recent photos for posting in early morning. then elder brother informed the Internet account again resumed by its subscriber. retouched logo for site zhuson.com, for original design's source file missing within my backup. the sister-in-law join the CCP's party&asked mother went over to help her caring her grandson. Watched TV after lunch&dozed awhile, then had the idea to return Qiqihar, now that the heat here a bit daunts me. God arranged it all right. informed baby's mom, emakingir. also asked elder brother to speed up to find me a Internet solution for a week when i can search traffic&ticket information to back to Qiqihar. its the most strong sunshine today in my this hometown journey.


dreamed of dispute with ema over baby's custody.^dreamed of touching love with baby. his mom attempted to dispare us, and accused of my mental disorder history. walked through a neighbor factory with seemingly another man, baby son or other person let me unease, where workers gathered discussing my situation. passed their rest room&woke up before leaving the room.
roughly setup family 3rd domain, zhuson.com.^got up earlier, lauched soon newly claimed domain, zhuson.com's site content on registrar's free host, as well as Google apps for it. remapping url for blog,www, etc. roughly clone family 1st domain, be21zh.org's content to the new site. claimed groups with vodpod with family most namespaces. backup bookmarks&settings for portable. quite fruitful this morning, which is sunny.
a rich dinner, brewing pork with corn.^attending d/l most day. quit near 5pm&felt hungry. dinner quite rich, corn is very sweet&juicy. it rained late afternoon but stopped after dinner. hope baby&his mom can come over to taste delicacy here. most night reading.


enjoy&suffer for d/l.^got up&let d/l, then napped again till breakfast. read most day. in late afternoon prepared content for new domain, zhuson.com, but disappointing logo's source file evaded among my backup. it drizzled in afternoon but last no more than an hour. backup stuff from web. sunburn awhile, talking with Masheng on busy&leisure. hope i can make time more meaningful.
a rich dinner&video chat.^haunted outside before dinner. again walked alone the road connecting the village. i really missing baby son&hope he visit here next month, God, u know. drank at dinner, among neighbor's female watching. it drizzled then. watched awhile TV, then chatted with baby&his mom online. i sure will see their journey in end of July to dad's hometown.

benzrad's comment on the day.

benzrad朱本主子卓 (http://t.qq.com/bentchu)
转播: 英九提出:大陆要想和平统一,只有一个终极条件,那就是开放党禁,建立法治社会,真正建立一人一票的民选政府,使国民党登陆,两党平等竞争,轮流执政。马英九还批评大陆只有一党之私,没有为天下苍生的度量。


finally got haircut.^mother woke me up to go haircut. she said she met a guy who last dusk promised to send me to market to haircut. prepared&went to see those motor drivers. the guy was absent in his new house, while elder brother, who also has a motor, repairing a phone. the youngest son of the dark house in front of my dad's house, ready to leave for his workshop, so he fetched me&left me on the only barbershop on his way. but i waited for almost an hour before the barber arrival. i shot photos before&after haircut, felt glad. washed hairs at home before breakfast. now surfing. its cloudy now.
mother bought pork.^read most day. arranged more to d/l. dozed twice. its sultry&drizzled in late afternoon. mother trusted the cousin back of dad's house to bought pork from city, for he owns a truck&commutes. dinner is delicious with pork&kelp.
a talkative night.^watched TV while attending d/l. sms sally as God lets. chatted with baby&his mom,who want to try qq games. i warned her the risk&sin of domestic warez, introducedfacebook's plan to join China&persuade her be patient. also teased baby son.

benzrad's comment on the day.

benzrad朱本主子卓 (http://benzrad.amplify.com)
---so strong the claim. that's the superb of constitution, and the reason of human. that's bible that saves the world sometimes so dark in history and coming eras, as well as new land in never seen glroy.
in reference to: "That is how a judge lives in a state of trust, and I know of no other way to make good on the aspirations that tell us who we are, and who we mean to be, as the people of the United States." - http://www.thedefendersonline.com/2010/06/04/text-of-justice-david-souter%E2%80%99s-speech-harvard-commencement-remarks/ (view on Google Sidewiki)


backup baby's anniversary photos on sohu blog to other blogs.^attending d/l most time when i read. a nephew returned from his college in Wuhan, visited me, talked about his major. then discussed Chinese society nowadays. i doubting surveillance so quit later&engaged again on web. the devil, neighbor son, visited&trying to talk, left after rebuked. after dinner download photos shot in baby's one year on the earth hosted on sohu blog portal to other blogs, including baby's mom, emakingir's 163 blogs. lingered in waiting room waiting d/l finish. didn't talk to baby for too busy.
managed to catch up unreads in greader.^got up earlier for a d/l. read then napped awhile aside desk in front yard. backup stuff from web. supplement yesterday's log&delayed likely by surveillance, which results in periodical unaccessible for some sites. first time in this summer ate water melon. dozed again after lunch while d/l. tried to contact concerned, sms sally, buzzed baby's mom, emakingir, about her vacation. baby again accused my old curses even i can't figure out when i did, but i sworn not in future&sorry for the passed. its a bit funny why baby remembered i cursed him while i only remember holy love&deeds between us. nothing more important than him in my life.
arranged haircut tomorrow.^prepared pc to finish d/l a large game. dinner is rich. haunted outside&shot photos for kids in village. fetched wire fork to wind wires bought recently. the state grid worker in village offered the fork, better than i expected. tried to meet elder brother to let him send me next morning to local market to haircut but failed. a guy promised to do it for me. roamed alone the road&chatted with a precast panels producer in his workshop. watched TV after bath&sorted stuff. baby&his mom went outside, returned near 9pm. she promised to talk online but didn't.

From 1st weekend's treat after reunited, swim&buffet
From 1st weekend's treat after reunited, swim&buffet
From 1st weekend's treat after reunited, swim&buffet
From baby's bath in his dad's arrival from hometown
From baby's kindergarten show in summer

some slideshow from recent family activities

some home videos

family enjoy baptism in river Nen and buffet

family baptized in Nen river, enjoy buffet on way home. from benzillar on Vimeo.

family showered in weekend at home.


baby's kindergarten party just upon his dad's return from hometown journey.


for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

some lily in Zhudajiu's old fish pond.

baby son, warrenzh, owner of domain warozhu.com, in his kindergarten's party.

benzrad just got haircut in a nearby village in his hometown journey.

family dined in KFC after baby son asked for it.

panorama of Nen river shore.