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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

full work load of monday. evil troubled me with men's problem.

dreamed lots of alumni of middle school&campus. also dreamed worked with some QRRS colleagues. after woke up, dog's curse let me anxious awhile about my potent. since last night when i dined in the restaurant the evil against me on the topic: a couple whose family life turned a nightmare there asked another male friend to try to dissolve their family's coldness. a grey man once lived in QRRS dorm but a worker there tried to chat to me. and this morning when i left the dorm to office, the only hometown folk of Hubei, also a grey man, met me and tried to talk with me. they all likely had problem with their potent, and poisoning my life with their spying eyes. got up at 7:17am and soon arrived office.

a full work load of monday.^last night heard preach in local church again. the preach talk about traps, strange dream&phenomena, i quite informed of my situation. a beautiful girl lingered there after the preach, let me doubting where is my girl zhou. buzzed baby son after returned dorm about my love to him. before went to church, tried to contact my Guangdong girl sally. bought food from a nearby grocery shop named black kid sister(黑妹), enjoyed near 9pm. woke up this morning aroud 7am. went to office around 8a. in office posting tweets. correct QRRS allowance for baby's kindergarten fee, with which first time the departmental clerk missed a month of that. read most time&hunting for resources to download. its a brilliant morning but sunshine turns weak at noon. i busy with clean irrelavant codes in my gmail's html signature. redesign family html signature in bookmarklet&backup, since noon. then baby's mom came over to fetch the returned allowance as we discussed. then sorted udisk, reformat&data migration, till 7pm finished, after many partitions dividing efforts failed. dined with beef pies&mutton soup. singing God name for the earlier descending of my girl in my life with new marriage.

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