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Monday, March 1, 2010

bright lunar Lantern Day, the night China here in war field sonically with fireworks.


bright lunar lantern day.^sound sleep. dreamed a lot. woke up by loud crackers all around for today its lunar Lantern Day. put on&urinated then slept again till 12:17. visited telcom's office for i mistaken today as March 1st, but the telcom's clerk let me visit on next day. in office search the web, trying to fix my notebook had problem recognizing my bluetooth earphone, fixed with acer's native driver near 5pm, listening awhile bible radio via my bluetooth earphone. canteen still down, so picked a nearby restaurant, whose feature food is Chinese dumplings but operation quite western, ie. standardized, open kitchen, background music, enough lighting, etc. i ate a bowl of rice&a dish of noodle. buzzed ema, talking my elation with my new gadget. she brought baby son visiting one of her relatives. its a nice day, God sees. when i settled to listening music, fireworks&cracker outside ran rampant. notebook hanged first time since i update its sound driver. i waited for noise outside to fade but till 7:09pm i found time due to haunt outside. there r several places near QRRS front door collectively fire fireworks, and large crowd of the residents lingered by. i shot some photos, for the moon too large&bright, but what's disappointing, my camera had problem to present its cool bright. ate seeds in dorm after returned. the neighbor evils heavily biting when i ate. i doubting if buzzed baby son, but felt the evil spying minds around polluting, so quit. so launched to blog while in music. surfed later than 10:30pm.


got my first bluetooth earphone, while baby got my bonus from QRRS.^got up at 9am, went to baby's mom's home at once. there i synchronizes new data among 3 computers, installed new games for baby, tried some with baby. introduced new&handy tools, like google chrome extensions, to ema&urged her frequent them. lunched there with rice&fried meat. enjoyed some golden moment with baby son on my shoulders. then bought my bluetooth earphone&some blank dvds from computer market. tried new gadget in office, backup data to dvd. its all time a bright day. a cyberspace person talked to me in qq. posted tweet. dined with rice&vegetable. tried the bluetooth earphone, succeeded with my cellphone but wasn't recognized by my notebook. i also need a ear support for the gadget. listening music with notebook till 10:30pm, surfed on wap, slpet around 11:30pm.

From our lunar new year of 2010
From our lunar new year of 2010
From our lunar new year of 2010
From some old photos from emakingir

for google album blocked within China mainland, here some copies hosted domestically:

baby son, warrenzh, 朱楚甲, Hope of China, in gaming.

fireworks over QRRS stadium, in lunar lantern day night.

some old photos from emakingir when i lingered in my hometown in Hubei Prov.: baby in birthday celebration.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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