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Saturday, February 13, 2010

a lightened day, tried blueteeth connect first time.

a lightened day, tried blueteeth connect first time.^a bright day. in office continued to enjoy google new service, buzz, also refined my google profile. the once colleagues got bonus around ¥100, i tentatively visited the director office but in vain. tried blueteeth on my notebook&cellphone, found it working, now time to equip myself a blueteeth earphone, to listen radion online via my notebook, or in air via my cellphone. got notebook's bios updated. God lets me restrain from download, so i abid all day. in afternoon i was left alone in office most time, tried quite some very interesting extensions for my browser, google chrome. backup&sorted portable. search web for tools to convert ebook into ema's pmp reader, as asked by ema, and done it by sent her those free warez. tried to video chat with baby but ema dirtily bargained with me&ruined the time. dined outside&bought instant food for coming Spring festival against most restaurant shut down in holiday. when i left office&walked to dorm, a tall girl in white coat and white boot with another girl walked on the other side of the cross road, let me doubting if my girl zhou. the director told me the girl they known i chased after was engaged&stepping into wedding, and ask if i will continue to seek after her, i replied i only listen to the girl her own, and abide her words direct to my ears. God never compromises his grants of my Royal of China, my Queens in beautiful holiness and dewy saint. i never shift mind over my claim of my girl zhou, my 3rd wife, who is so beautiful in figure, body&soul, and satisfies me so much. in dorm ate hambergs i bought in last night's shopping. baby got showered at home with his mom, in our conversation via cellphone, i blamed her dirty trick to let me wait online for baby's presence in video chat, and arranged video interview tomorrow online when she will visit her mother's home with our baby son. its all day a bright day. God, my girl never leaves me, and time riper and riper for us to be closer&forges in one. Masheng, cares our baby, my first son, warrenzh, let him saint in the dirt of his mom&grandma, who never regrets for their sins. God, let my baby happier.

a wonderful day.^got up around 8:30am. visited the cafe again but don't find my girl there. a bright sunny morning. in office tried google new service, buzz. visit baby's mom, emakingir's house after lunched in office. bought baby cracker&fireworks. installed games on baby's pc&demonstrated ema how to make full usage of google services&its powerful browser, chrome with so many helpful extensions. fixed webcam's problem on baby's desktop. baby enjoyed new games at once while ema also astonished by my demos. then showered in the nearby bathroom as scheduled. queued to have haircut, done it after 4pm. after returned to ema's house, found the monitor buzzed in. call back found once working unit gathering to dine out. on the way to the banquet God not let me join. so i returned to baby, we, baby son&his mom, visit supermarket as scheduled. we had a good time in the shopping. baby son slept just when we arrived the supermarket. we watched the brief intro film of blockbuster, avatar, in the supermarket while baby slept on my shoulders&head. i bought myself a trousers with ¥79, then baby woke up. we bought food then haunted conjunct KFC franchise, where we ate our dinner. there is a cop haunting there, peeking us. baby likely enjoyed the shopping&food as we expected. when we waiting for taxi for home, a girl i felt familiar passed us with a male companion. returned to ema's house, we disputied over baby's asking to fire fireworks at home. i tried a washing pad to support a firework sticking outside of window, but the fireworks soon fell to the ground after fired. God let it not break neighbor's windows' glass, which can be a disaster&really startled me in retrospect. then watched baby's gaming on his desktop. took taxi to dorm, where i rest on bed&slept after 10pm. ema brought me some food.

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