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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

regret for baby son drove us reunited in mid night.

5th snow in lunar 2010.^ema cooked my porridge, left to her school before i got up. the grandma also arrived to care baby son. i held baby son on my shoulders and asked if he want to keep my camera&notebook, he only accept my cellphone. so i felt i would like to resume to live single now that i stepped into growing my Royal, after last night melting love&pardon for baby's mom, emakingir. then i update baby's desktop's game list, tried some with baby son. but 2 games i looked upon failed me. kissing baby&left to QRRS office. the small snow still drifting, so auspicious. Masheng, i know ur love upon me, upon my baby son, upon my cared. u kill dirt again, but also bring my girls, esp. my girl zhou, my 3rd wife, into my new life.

a work day.^bright morning. got up at 7:09am&visit office at once. sorted photos shot last night, when all fireworks&cracker, posted them with a blog entry. fine tuned my google buzz to depute repeat postings. read&tried bluetooth earphone with radio of bible. upgraded GPRS bundle with sms code. in the mid a telcom representative buzzed in, want to suggest favorite pack, but i mistakenly hold off. chatted with hometown folk now in Shenzhen awhile. let download&sorted stuff near work time over. most of the afternoon i was left alone in office. video chat with baby's mom, emakingir, after work time, help her familiar with gmail&gtalk. found a txt novel sites fit for her likeness&need to download onto her pmp reader, sent her the bookmark. tried some tips in articles. dined with noodle&pies. this time the old woman respectable. cracked seeds then haunted outside for fresh message. shot some photos for the full moon too bright&perfect to miss, but without a tripod i hardly capture the serene of the full moon. bought some food on way. listening music after logged. catalog cliparts assets newly got from web. neighbor evil bit heavily, till reading magazine "playboy" drove the dirt far from me. surfed later than 10:30pm. on bed regret of my rebuffing baby's asking to have my cellphone for he likes it, in latest visit when i wrongly suggested to buy him a new one when he grows 10 years old,  turns strong, for he, God of Universe, can't fail. i first want to leave my cellphone on this weekends' visit, but later the idea turns strong that i should visit him in the night, and let baby choose if he want to have my Fuji camera&Acer notebook, both he shown likeness, and recognized my new marriage's descending not depend on my will but God's arrangement, i shouldn't silly sternly demand my girls' join, but will of good works. so i put on and visit baby's mom's house, lately around 12am. there i kissed baby who in dream, and slept alone in bedroom as ema lets. this morning found its snowing shallowly, God, u sees.

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